Half Nelson Bridging Counter with a Partner [ARTICLE]

Half Nelson Bridging Counter with a Partner
By: Bill Welker

Originally Published in: The Wrestling Drill Book

Provided by: Human Kinetics


This drill is performed the same as the solitary half nelson bridging counter drill except now W2 is holding W1 down.


W1 lies on his back, and W2 secures a tight half nelson and crotch (a). On the whistle, W1 hits a bridge, forcing his outside arm between his and W2's chest (b). Next, W1 quickly drops his back to the mat, shooting his outside arm inward while scissoring his inside leg away from W2 (c). The drill ends with W1 regaining a defensive referee's position base (d). This drill should be repeated while thrusting the outside arm inside with the half nelson and the inside arm outside with the reverse half nelson.

Coaching Points

You should first teach the drill with minimum resistance from the offensive wrestler, gradually building up to full resistance. This drill should be a part of the warm-up exercises in every practice during wrestling season. You can teach many lessons about the sport of wrestling when teaching this drill. First, the team concept is realized by not giving up a fall. Second, the individual concept of being competitive is learned by not quitting when the wrestler is on his back. Finally, the wrestlers learn to give their all and fight to the end.


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10 Jul 2018

By Human Kinetics
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