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Wrestling Matches are Won Before the Match Starts [ARTICLE]

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Most wrestling matches are won OR lost before the match ever started. Don’t get me wrong… a wrestling match can go either way, but the wrestler who is not afraid and told himself he will win is the one that usually wins the match.... Continue

Meaning of Wrestling is Family and Never Quitting [ARTICLE]

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What is the meaning of wrestling? Merriam-Webster states the simple definition “is a sport in which two people try to throw, force, or pin each other to the ground”. The truth is that wrestling means so much more than the definition.... Continue

What Makes up a High School Wrestling Dynasty [ARTICLE]

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How are high school wrestling dynasties created? When I think of wrestling dynasties, I think about schools like Blair Academy, Allen Eagles, Collinsville Cardinals, Broken Arrow Tigers, Brandon Eagles, etc…... Continue

How To Run a Wrestling Tournament and Make Money [ARTICLE]

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Do you know how to run a wrestling tournament? A well run wrestling tournament can make a lot of money. If you are part of a youth wrestling club or your child wrestles for the high school wrestling team, a wrestling tournament is the...... Continue

Best Strength Training Strategies for Wrestling [ARTICLE]

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Strength training for wrestlers is vital to becoming successful in wrestling. I think strength training should be started as young as six years old. Strength training has significant benefits...... Continue

How to Maintain Your Weight for Two Day Wrestling Tournament [ARTICLE]

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Two day wrestling tournaments are challenging for a wrestler who is cutting weight. That is because you typically have to weigh in twice. There are good ways and bad ways to keep your weight under control. The goal should be to maintain your...... Continue

How to Get More Mat Time for Your Junior Varsity Wrestlers [ARTICLE]

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In a lot of high school wrestling programs, I notice the varsity squad gets a lot of mat time and the JV squad gets very little mat time. Little league, junior high, and JV wrestlers are the future of any wrestling program. Coaches need to...... Continue

Wrestling Hygiene is Essential for Healthy Wrestlers [ARTICLE]

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I had recently wrote an article on defense soap for wrestlers. After writing the article it got me to thinking about how important good wrestling hygiene is. We are starting a new wrestling season and I wanted to cover the aspects of good hygiene...... Continue

Wrestling Technique Learn to Defend Aggressive Collar Tie [ARTICLE]

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Have you every been dominated by a wrestler with an aggressive collar tie? The purpose of today’s article is to talk about how to Defend against an Opponent with an aggressive collar tie.... Continue

Wrestling Coaches Have a Lasting Impact on Wrestlers [ARTICLE]

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It’s safe to say that wrestling coaches have impacted hundreds of thousands of wrestlers. In an earlier post, I wrote about how Wrestling builds confidence. I’ve been thinking about another aspect of wrestling that pertains to real...... Continue