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Mastering Takedowns: How to Finish a Single Leg in Bad Position [ARTICLE]

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The single leg is one of the most common take downs used in folk style wrestling. I see a lot of wrestlers who shoot a single leg, but don’t score the takedown because his opponent defended the attack. This is an area that doesn’t seem to get a...... Continue

Wrestling Parents – Do NOT Force Your Young Wrestlers to Cut Weight [ARTICLE]

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This last weekend, my son attended the USJOC wrestling tournament. During weigh in, there were probably 30 kids running around the arena trying to make weight. After being involved in wrestling for a...... Continue

Becoming a Wrestling Champion - More Than Lip Service [ARTICLE]

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Over the last couple of weeks, I have spoken to a couple of high school wrestlers who are above average, but have not become elite wrestlers. They have told me that their goal is to be a state champ. When they tell me this, I try to find out...... Continue

Concussion Recovery Tips for Wrestlers and Other Athletes [ARTICLE]

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Looking for the best concussion supplements to aid recovery? If you don’t fully recover from a traumatic brain injury, your will could get post-concussion syndrome. Here are concussion recovery tips that may shorten recovery...... Continue

Wrestling Matches are Won Before the Match Starts [ARTICLE]

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Most wrestling matches are won OR lost before the match ever started. Don’t get me wrong… a wrestling match can go either way, but the wrestler who is not afraid and told himself he will win is the one that usually wins the match.... Continue

Meaning of Wrestling is Family and Never Quitting [ARTICLE]

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What is the meaning of wrestling? Merriam-Webster states the simple definition “is a sport in which two people try to throw, force, or pin each other to the ground”. The truth is that wrestling means so much more than the definition.... Continue

What Makes up a High School Wrestling Dynasty [ARTICLE]

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How are high school wrestling dynasties created? When I think of wrestling dynasties, I think about schools like Blair Academy, Allen Eagles, Collinsville Cardinals, Broken Arrow Tigers, Brandon Eagles, etc…... Continue

How To Run a Wrestling Tournament and Make Money [ARTICLE]

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Do you know how to run a wrestling tournament? A well run wrestling tournament can make a lot of money. If you are part of a youth wrestling club or your child wrestles for the high school wrestling team, a wrestling tournament is the...... Continue

Best Strength Training Strategies for Wrestling [ARTICLE]

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Strength training for wrestlers is vital to becoming successful in wrestling. I think strength training should be started as young as six years old. Strength training has significant benefits...... Continue

How to Maintain Your Weight for Two Day Wrestling Tournament [ARTICLE]

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Two day wrestling tournaments are challenging for a wrestler who is cutting weight. That is because you typically have to weigh in twice. There are good ways and bad ways to keep your weight under control. The goal should be to maintain your...... Continue