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Gable: Teaching young kids how to finish is critical [ARTICLE]

by Win Magazine on

WIN: In wrestling, coaches talk a lot about finishing, whether it’s a takedown or simply the match. Should coaches also talk more about finishing the season? GABLE: Yes. How is someone able to make the finals and be stronger at certain times?...... Continue

Evaluating Practices [ARTICLE]

by Human Kinetics on

To have a successful program, you must develop practice sessions that benefit each wrestler. You need to match practice strategies with the wrestlers' ability levels. Here are general questions you want to ask yourself after each practice...... Continue

Wresting Endurance Drills [ARTICLE]

by Human Kinetics on

I think that endurance for wrestling comes primarily from wrestling. An athlete can build up a lot of endurance by hard drilling of wrestling moves and a lot of live wrestling. If a wrestler stays active during most of his daily practices, he will...... Continue

Statistics on wrestling injuries [ARTICLE]

by on

A 2008 article by Yard et al in The American Journal of Sports Medicine calculated rates of injury among high school and college wrestlers during the 2005-2006 season using the High School Reporting Information Online (RIOTM) and the NCAA Injury...... Continue

Mismatched Preparing As An Underdog [ARTICLE]

by Team USA Wrestling on

Every wrestler has faced the challenge of being an underdog. They open the youth tournament against a crosstown rival they have lost to in three straight matches. They advance to the tournament semi-finals, knowing the top-ranked wrestler in the...... Continue

One-on-One with Zeke Jones [ARTICLE]

by InterMat on

Zeke Jones spent 5 1/2 years (2008-2014) as Team USA's head freestyle coach before returning to his alma mater, Arizona State, to become the program's seventh head wrestling coach this past April. ... Continue

Mindset Monday: Six tips to recover from setbacks [ARTICLE]

by The Open Mat on

This weekend I attended the Maryland Coaches Convention. During my presentation I was asked for some ways to help wrestlers in dealing with losses or setbacks. As a person who makes many mistakes, I have become very effective at recovering...... Continue

New SAT Grading Scale Released for NCAA and NAIA Initial Eligibility [ARTICLE]


In the spring of 2016, the SAT rolled out a newly formatted exam. As a result, both the NCAA and NAIA recently released revised SAT minimum score requirements, which...... Continue

Offensive Movement Drills [ARTICLE]

by Human Kinetics on

SCRAMBLING: Setup - The coach places W1 in any unusual position pressing against W2 and facing away from W2. Action - On the whistle, W2 can move in any direction. It is the responsibility of W1 to quickly adjust his body to be in proper...... Continue